— Progressive 20/20

Our aim is to screen the vision of all primary school children and to provide those that need prescription glasses the opportunity to get them either free or for less than $100.


— Cancer Cheer

At all times we adopt two children with Cancer and we work with the child and his/her parents to help make life better in any way we can.

Some ways in which we help are: the provision of medication, school & supermarket supplies, bedding, and baby sitting services, taking the family on outings, providing transportation and much more.


— Rural Family Support

Our Club adopts four needy families in rural Barbados with children and provide support in various ways.  Our support includes but is not limited to providing food, clothing, education, tours and counselling.  Our current families consist of 15 children whom we work with until the family can graduate out of the program.


— Gold Button Drive

To help fund our Cancer support programs we operate a Gold Button campaign in which we educate students about childhood cancer and seek contributions in exchange for our Gold Buttons.


— Back to School Drive

This is an annual national program that we started in 2014 where in the last four Saturdays of August we collect, collate and distribute New & Used school uniforms and school supplies from the general public to distribute to the general public.  Through this program we have helped hundreds of families and thousands of children.


— Essay & Oratorical

This is an Optimist International competition that provides secondary school children with the opportunity and training to compete locally, regionally and internationally in writing and public speaking.


— Community Centers Support

The club partners with community centers in the south of the country to execute projects with the children of that community.

Projects includes Kite making & flying,  Cooking & baking instructions, Reading & in some cases building a library and stocking it with books, Etiquette training for work, home, dinner and the internet, Sports and much more.


— Internet Safety

A program to make students aware of Internet Safety issues, educating them to be safe internet users.


— Respect for Law

This program uses various techniques to teach children why they should respect the law, and techniques on how to go about doing so.


— Junior Golf

The Optimist Caribbean Junior Golf Championship Program is an exciting and unique 3 day golf tournament for children ages 10-18. This tournament is an official qualifier for the prestigious annual Optimist International Junior Golf Championships.

The winners of each gender division will be given a full scholarship to attend the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships.


— Tri-Sport

The Tri Star Sports skills program is designed to bring together boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 13 for fun and physical fitness, promoting self-confidence, teamwork and camaraderie.

The sports are designed to teach/coach three skills in each sport, hence the name Tri-Star Sports.

For e.g. The three skills being taught in Football are: Dribbling, Shooting, Throwing; Netball skills are: Shooting, Defense, Passing/Centre play.



— Members Training

The life blood of any service organisation is its members.  As such we ensure that a conscious effort is brought to bear in developing the skills of our members in varying disciplines like project management, public speaking, leadership and more.

Some of our programs allows for members to earn CPDs points for in the careers.

Additionally, we organise  social events within the club, inter clubs locally, regionally and internationally.