Cancer Care


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The Club’s Cancer Care program
Chairperson Margot and President Shirley, have been active in providing aid and assistance to the families of the two cancer children our club has been assisting.
As an update to the current situation with the program, see the below from Chairperson Margot:

I just spoke with both of the cancer children parents.

The girl is back in hospital. She had a relapse. Spoke to the mom who is at the hospital with her, and she has a high fever this morning.

The little boy went on Monday to get his chemo treatment and will take a short break while they do MRI and other tests to see if there is any change taking place.
He now wears size 5 diapers, is still using the Gerber fruit, and is now allowed to use Pediasure.

From January we (the President & myself) have been in touch via phone, visiting and providing the requested assistance including taxi fare to the hospital for the older patient and mom.

Please give your support in anyway you can and make contact directly with Chairperson Margot.

Thank you for your care and support.


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